Thursday, June 23, 2011


(This is Grant getting ready for a battle, he has his Bumbo helmet, kitchen shield and farm silo sword.)

There are somethings that Grant says. They make me smile and I can't bear to correct him. I know that he will eventually figure them out on his own and long gone will be the cute little sayings of his childhood replaced by a big boy with a big attitude. So here are a few of the mixed up sayings of Grant.

  • Breafex - This is Grant's word for breakfast. He's been saying it for months now and I love it. It makes me smile every morning.

  • Grant had his first exposure to a Star Wars movie the other day. It was the end of "The Empire Strikes Back" and we watched Luke and Darth Vader duel it out. Now all he wants to do is have "light saver" fights and he always gets to be "Sidewalker" and the rest of us, including Avery, get to take turns being Darth Vader.

  • One of my favorite syndicated shows is King of Queens. Grant calls it King of McQueens. I wonder if he expects Lightning McQueen to show up sometime.

  • Grant loves keeping track of what day it is. The other day he informed me that it was June Twenty-oneth. So cute!

  • We have been listening to a Mickey Mouse CD in the car lately and Grant sings "Where oh where has my little dog gone." But he sings "...And his ears got short and his tail got long..."
I'm going to keep track of any wonderful new sayings and keep posting!

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  1. If he goes and sees Thor he will pick up Joeyism's like OMG he's so hot, and I want him bad